Tall Sasha’s new Hypnotic Dance Single, “IN MY HEART”, with remixes by D:Fuse and Sir Thomas

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SAN FRANCISCO, August 17, 2011 – Up-and-coming San Francisco DJ and producer, Tall Sasha, today released the new dance music single “In My Heart” on Curvve Records, along with three club remixes by D:FUSE, Jamaster A and Sir Thomas. A hypnotic track featuring sexy female vocals by San Francisco’s own Janice Bailon, “In My Heart” keeps the dance floor moving with a pulsing groove and driving bass line. The single and remixes are now available on Beatport.

The original version is 6:30 minutes in length and kicks off with a hypnotic journey of electronic piano and a driving beat. Janice’s vocals begin a wavy, dreamy voice, which continues to drive the rhythm and melody throughout. The D:FUSE remix infuses his uniquely energetic sound, reworking the vocal, bringing the bass line to the forefront and keeping the groove pulsing. Sir Thomas creates a deep and dark version of the song, while Jamaster A brings out the most energetic remix with a Euro dance sound.

Tall Sasha has risen to one of the most popular DJs in San Francisco in a relatively short amount of time. Just in the last year alone he has been picked to share the decks in legendary Ruby Skye, San Francisco with the world’s most respected DJs from David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Axwell, Swedish House Mafia, Mark Knight, Avicii, Ferry Corsten and many more. When he’s not touring internationally, Tall Sasha is often seen spinning in his top three San Francisco venues Ruby Skye, Supperclub and Vessel.

“I’ve wanted to create a sound that just flows nicely and it’s not too energetic and not too mellow,” says Tall Sasha. “The vocals and melody have always been the most important to me in electronic music, and I wanted to make a song that adjusts to your own listening mood.”

“My idea on the remix was to chop the vocal up a bit and rearrange the verses just a bit to focus on the hook,” said D:FUSE on his remix. “Then it was about bringing some funk with the bass line. It’s honestly the type of track I’m always searching for and it has been tearing up my floors. Very happy with my remix and love the original as well!”

“This track can reach a very broad audience as its a mixture of genres, and my remix could suit many different tier one DJs as it is deep, dark and full of bass with sexy vocal to back it up,” said Sir Thomas.

To preview and purchase the “In My Heart” original track and remixes today, visit: http://www.beatport.com/artist/tall-sasha/206775. For a limited time, if you download any of the 4 versions, and send a receipt to info@dj4life.org, you will get a link to download a special edition, free one-hour podcast from D:FUSE and Tall Sasha.

Christopher Lawrence “A Little Rush” Music Video

Matt Lange remix of Do For Love Played by Above and Beyond at TATW 350.

Special thanks to Above and Beyond for all of the support they’ve shown us with this record. Here is a clip of them playing it live at the Trance around the World 350 party in Los Angeles!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

“A Little Rush” Music video shoot with Christopher Lawrence and SuZie Del Vecchio

Article courtesy of URB Magazine ::
Photography courtesy of Michael Tullberg

The Playhouse in Hollywood, besides being host to the now near-legendary Bud Brothers Monday Social (14 years & counting!), also from time to time has served as the site for music video shoots.  Perhaps the most famous example was Tiesto’s highly-publicized set late last year.  Well, unlike that night, the house was cleared for this new video, for the upcoming Christopher Lawrence single “A Little Rush”.  Hopped up, pumping and unapologetically high-energy, “A Little Rush”s glistening synthetic beats are complemented by the lush vocals of singer Susy del Vecchio.  If that latter name doesn’t sound familiar to you, it no doubt will soon, as del Vecchio’s recent collaboration with Paul Oakenfold, “Mesmerized”, has already been remixed by Adam White, Mark Lewis, Swedish Egil, Hirofumi Ohta and Anthony Garcia, among others, and is expected to be released soon by Oakenfold on his Perfecto label.

The shoot started with Lawrence and del Vecchio together behind the turntables on the Playhouse’s main stage.  Before long, however, del Vecchio began strutting around the stage and up onto the rear bar as Lawrence held down the fort.  Once the first portion of the shoot wrapped, the doors opened and the Monday Social crowd began streaming in, which served as the backdrop for the next part of the video shoot, during which del Vecchio apparently gets jilted by an unfeeling boyfriend.  Not that too many of the crowd even noticed the shoot was taking place–by this point, most of them were thoroughly engaged by the sounds of Layo and Bushwacka.  All in all, a productive and fun evening, with another day’s worth of shooting to be completed the following day.  Needless to say, the finished product should be quite interesting.

Here’s a sneak preview of “A Little Rush”: A Little Rush (preview) The single will be available in December on Curvve Recordings already available for download.

Article courtesy of URB Magazine ::

Photography courtesy of Michael Tullberg

Curvve celebrates its 50th Release with Vinny Troia feat Jaidene Veda’s “Do For Love”

Curvve Recordings, home to the likes of David Guetta, Saeed Younan, D. Ramirez, and Wally Lopez, is celebrating it’s 50th release in style. “Do For Love” is label boss Vinny Troia’s and vocalist Jaidene Veda’s anticipated follow up to their 2007 anthem “Flow”. 5 powerhouse producers tackle remix duty, and each and every one of them brings their absolute best work to the table.

Hitting #24 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Club Play chart, #1 on Beatport and #9 on Sirius Radio’s most played songs of the year, “Flow” was nothing short of one of the best tunes of the year. “Flow” garnered acclaim from the biggest names in the business from Armin Van Buuren using it on his legendary “A State Of Trance” compilation to Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and Markus Schulz hammering it to party goers around the world. Vinny Troia and Jaidene Veda is simply the best 1-2 punch dance music has to offer. “Do For Love” is the long awaited follow up collaboration between the two and it’s every bit as amazing as it’s predecessor.

Jaidene puts her personal touch on the timeless 1978 Bobby Caldwell song, “What You Won’t Do For Love”. This collection of 5 unique and surefire remixes runs the gamut of styles. From lush downtempo to hands in the air progressive and oven fresh electro, Curvve Recordings’ 50th release has more than something for everyone.

Dave Aude, fresh off his 2009 GRAMMY nomination for ‘Best Remix’ for “I Want You”, offers an expert progressive take on the track, utilizing Jaidene’s vocals to create an atmospheric yet energetic track that is on par with anything he’s ever done.

For the last 15 years Mike Balance has been on the front lines of top-notch dance music, working alongside fellow legends DJ Dan, Krafty Kuts and Uberzone among others. Here, Mike injects the highest energy remix into the package, giving us an electro monster perfect for hot summer days and long summer nights.

Long time partners in crime D:Fuse and Mike Hiratzka bring us their own take on the track, taking the tune for a rich, housey spin. Mike Hiratzka himself offers a lush downtempo mix perfect for daydreams and midnight drives. Reminiscent of classic Sade and Annie Lennox, this mix is a perfect combination of vintage writing and cutting edge production.

Veteran Chris Fortier has appeared on such storied labels such as Baroque Records and Bedrock Records; he rounds out the package with his groovy take on the tune, replete with techy elements and a haunting vocal.

With Curvve’s first 49 releases reading like a who’s who of dance music, this 50th is the perfect capstone to an already iconic label’s first generation of productions. A must have for casual listeners and connoisseurs alike, Vinny Troia and Jaidene Veda’s “Do For Love” is a clear can’t miss this summer!


1. Vinny Troia ft. Jaidene Veda – Do For Love (Dave Aude Club Mix)
2. Vinny Troia ft. Jaidene Veda – Do For Love (Mike Balance Remix)
3. Vinny Troia ft. Jaidene Veda – Do For Love (D:Fuse and Hiratzka Remix)
4. Vinny Troia ft. Jaidene Veda – Do For Love (Mike Hiratzka Downtempo Remix)
5. Vinny Troia ft. Jaidene Veda – Do For Love (Chris Fortier Vocal Mix)

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Oliver Smith Breakthrough in Progressive House and Trance

oliversmith2-portrait1Oliver Smith has been described as “an excellent DJ” by Armin van Buuren, “the best thing to happen in trance” by Mixmag and “sensational” by DJ magazine. In recent years the highly successful UK trance DJ and producer has released over 50 records and remixes and has performed as a DJ in many of the biggest clubs around the world. Oliver’s music is regularly played by leading DJs such as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. In addition to this, Oliver’s work as one half of the highly acclaimed production duo Smith & Pledger has assured him a place as one of the leading figures in the trance scene.

Oliver’s latest remix, “Breakthrough” is yet another prime example of the melodic, musical talent that has defined him as an artist.

You have played at numerous “superclubs” around the world, like Godskitchen , Turnmills and Passion; when you play at clubs like these, do you still get a “wow” feeling from it, or is it just routine now?

It’s always a thrill for me to play in any club. Big clubs like Godskitchen or Matter (the new club here in London) tend to have a great following and very knowledgeable crowd so that makes them particularly good. Also, the bigger clubs often have a great sound and lighting setup, which is the icing on the cake. Having said that, smaller and more intimate venues also have their charm so I’m glad I get to play both.

What inspired you about “Breakthrough” to complete a remix of the track?

The main thing that caught my ear in Breakthrough was the stuttered vocal that forms one of the main hooks in the remix. It’s quite a memorable and addictive combination of sound and melody. My overall approach for the remix was to pick out a few key elements and put them together with my own sounds to make my own personal interpretation of the track.

Your music has been played by some of the biggest names in trance. What drew you to the trance genre?

I’m a music fan in general but what attracts me to trance and progressive house is the powerful emotional content it can have. It also features a lot of epic soundscapes that really appeal to me and I like the idea of working with synths, samples and drum machines so it’s the perfect format for my music.

Working with major labels such as Sony and Universal, were your expectations different than working with smaller labels?

With major labels they are generally after a more commercial sound. It can be a difficult task to make something that pleases the major label bosses and also the more credible DJ’s. Smaller labels tend to be a bit more into trance and electronic music in general so they understand better when I go for a less obvious path with a remix. Often I find that doing the less obvious thing is the most successful for me.

In terms of djing, what has been the hardest crowd to work with? Is there a particular area you like to play better than others?

I’m constantly surprised at how good the crowds are all around the world. There are so many passionate and knowledgeable fans and people who know how to party. Different countries or regions have slightly different taste so in some places I play a bit more of my progressive or techno influences but in other places they are more up for uplifting trance. I try to have my own take on the music and take the crowd on a journey throughout the night.

Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk—all considered to be leaders in the trance scene, are all regularly playing your tracks. Is this a lot of pressure? Or business as usual?

I don’t feel under pressure, as I don’t write my tracks specifically for Armin or Tiesto etc. I prefer to please myself and make the best music I can whilst still staying true to my own taste and convictions. I think my tracks are often quite popular because they aren’t just for the clubs – I try to put in more detail and depth than a lot of producers so that my tracks can stand up to repeated listening at home as well. If I do feel any pressure it’s usually just my own desire to push my sound forward and keep improving.

When you start making a track, is there always a certain form you follow, or do you follow where the track leads you?

There is no set pattern to how I make a new track. I like to experiment with basic ideas first and then choose the best direction. Then I will flesh it out and turn it into a full production. On quite a few occasions I have almost finished a track and then scrapped it and gone back to the beginning as I feel I can do better. Ultimately I just want to make the best music I can and I work hard to do that.

How long does it usually take for you to produce a track, from start to finish?

It can be anything from a day or two to a month. It’s done when it’s done. Having said that though, I do find the ones that come together quicker are often the better ones.

Do you get a lot of inspiration from the different cities you travel to?

To be honest, a lot of the time I don’t really get to experience much of the cities I travel to. Often I will fly there on the evening of the gig, go to the club, and then fly back the next morning! I do like seeing different places and cultures though and when I get the chance to stay on a bit longer I like to have a look around. I’m planning on getting a portable sound recorder so that I can start gathering samples and atmospheres from all the places I go to for inclusion in my new tracks.

What potentials do you see for “Breakthrough”, Dancefloor or radio play?

It’s already seen support on the radio from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond etc. and I’ve had a lot of good feedback from fans. It also works well in the club so hopefully you’ll get a chance to hear it next time you’re out!

What tools/software do you use most in music production? Are there certain instruments you prefer to others when working with your sounds?

My studio is based around Apple Logic Pro but I also have a pile of synthesizers and other audio toys that get put to good use. I’m a great fan of the Access Virus, Roland Juno2 and JP8080 but I’ll use whatever tool works for the sound I’m after at the time. The end result is the most important thing, not necessarily how I got there.

Are there any special tips or tricks that you might offer someone looking for advice in producing?

Remember that the central idea and the tune are the most important thing, everything else is just window dressing.

Do you have any upcoming gigs or projects that you might like to mention?

I’ve got a string of DJ dates coming up here in the UK over the next few months in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. I’m also still doing my regular slot on the Anjunabeats Worldwide radio show. Check my myspace page or website for the full details. On the record side of things, ‘Sunrise’, my collaboration with Boom Jinx, is due out in February, then, following that there will probably be an EP with my singles ‘Restless’ and ‘Horizons’. Finally, I’m hard at work on my album, which should be released later in the year. I certainly plan on keeping busy!

Check out Oliver Smith’s remix of Kenneth Thomas and Chad Cisneros’ ‘Breakthrough’ at Beatport, DJDownload or any other fine digital retailer.


[audio:046-kenneth_thomas_and_chad_cisneros_ft_keo-breakthrough_(oliver_smith_remix).mp3|titles=Kenneth Thomas and Chad Cisneros – Breakthrough (Oliver Smith Remix)]

CR044-Vinny Troia feat Jaidene Veda

Saeed Younan: Life, Drums and Magic

Saeed_YounanA world class globe-trotting DJ, a recording artist, a sought-after remix producer, and head of his own record label, Saeed Younan has excelled as a true artist in the global dance scene.

Following the success of a string of chart topping singles, and being elected as #13 on the Top 100 American DJs List, Saeed found the time to sit down with Curvve for an interview on his life, career and upcoming remix, “Magic.”

Q: Where did you grow up? Please tell a little about yourself.
A: I was born in Iraq but grew up in Washington D.C lived here since I was 11 years old.

Q: Do you think the area you grew up had a big influence your musical taste?
A: Yes, the early 90’s rave days were big influence on me. D.C had a great clubbing scene back then. And had a chance to catch a lot of good DJs growing up.

Q: When did you begin producing music?
A: My first production was in 1992 right after I graduated from high school. It was with Gossip Records and YoshiToshi.

Q: What started off your music career?
A: I guess it be that gossip record and Yoshi releases, and things really picked up when I started my own label Addictive Records in 1995-2004

Q: What is a piece of equipment you cannot live without?
A: Logic and Ableton Live.

Q: What music genre would you like to experiment in?
A: I love Drum n’ Bass and dub Reggae. I’ll probably produce some in the near future. But house music will always be my specialty.

Q: Do you have any big projects coming up in the near future?
A: I just released an e.p Called “Port Saeed”. All 4 tracks made the top downloads on beatport.com. I have a remix coming out on Ultra for Austin Leeds and Starkillers. I’m also Working on a new mix comp which will come out early next year on Younan Music. And few other solo original projects.

Q: What past tracks do you feel really showcases the direction that your productions are heading?
A: My new e.p “Port Saeed” has 4 tracks that showcase the style I lean toward these days.

Q: How did you end up deciding on a direction for your remix of Magic? Was there a specific sound that you were trying to achieve?
A: I just wanted to produce a fun and sexy remix. I also like to stray away from the obvious. And take a different approach all together. And I feel that I achieved that.

Q: Was there anything special about this song or vocal that really made you want to remix it?
A: I like the vocals and thought be nice to make them sound more hunting and reversed them in few parts.

Q: What gear or software was influential in the making of this remix (and maybe your sound in general)?
A: I used logic for this project, with some elements from LIVE to chop up vocals and loops. I also used the Albino 3 for the bassline. And lots of drum kits with manipulated sound effects.

Q: Are there any bands or artists out there who influence your sound?
Not really, I kinda go my own way. But don’t get me wrong I listen to a lot of different type of music and artist and I’m sure a lot of the stuff I do has been touched by other genres or sounds.

Q: What countries do you enjoy travelling to ??
A: I enjoy playing in S.America a lot. But I also enjoy Canada and Eastern Europe has a great scene.

Q: How do you feel about the European culture and it’s influence in today’s music?
A: I think it’s great. We can defiantly use some of their influence here in the states especially with radio and T.V

Q: What has been an unforgettable gig for you?
A: Summer Dance Festival in Colombia is amazing I played there for 2 years straight and it was one of the best events I’ve done.

Q: Is there an interesting fact or piece of data about your that most people don’t know?
A: Some people don’t know that I’ve been making music and djing since high school. I started back in 1988 (when I was in 9th grade) and been at it ever since.

[audio:044-vinny_troia_feat_jaidene_veda-magic_(saeed_younan_remix).mp3|titles=Vinny Troia feat Jaidene Veda – Magic (Saeed Younan Remix)]

Pete Tong features Vinny Troia's "Magic" on Fast Trax

Vinny Troia’s new single with Jaidene Veda, “Magic” was featured on this week’s edition of Pete Tong’s Fast Trax show. View the video below which includes a sample of the song.

Magic will be available for sale in January 2008 with remixes by Dave Aude, Saeed Younan, Smartminds and Heartache.

[flv:http://curvverecordings.com/video/pete_tong_troia_magic.flv 320 240]